…”I’m standing right outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. We’ve had a great time with imagine Tours. They do a great job taking care of you and they do a really good job in terms of security and protection. Never feared about where we are…

Dr. Danny Akin

…”We’ve had a wonderful time here and we’re very grateful for the arrangements that imagine Tours has made and the people of Israel have been so hospitable to us…

Dr. Allan Moseley

I am Pastor Wayne Pask. This is our second tour with imagine to Israel…We felt safe here traveling around here in the Holy City…

Rev. Wayne & Judith Pask

…We are here inside the walls of Jerusalem from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod of the Southeast District…This is our third year in a row that we’ve been here…

President John & Connie Denninger

…”I would encourage you to come to support the country but also to experience all that God has to teach and show you here in Israel. It’s been a wonderful, joyful journey. I want to encourage you to come and be a part.”

Pastor Greg Allen

Thank you! One of the VERY best trips ever for us was to Israel with your outstanding company. You have no idea how many times I refer people to your company when they express travel desires, especially to Israel. Thank you for the thoughtful Thanksgiving greeting! May your families be blessed beyond measure. Sincerely in […]

Noyes Family

Just a quick note to thank you for arranging such a blessed trip to Israel. Our group had no problems with air travel, hotels, or security. I would especially like to commend our guide Ralph Lewinsohn, his knowledge and professionalism made our trip all the more enjoyable. His local knowledge helped with where to be […]

Jack Bretherick